Tuesday, April 29, 2008

ATTN Digital Scrapbookers: 2500 Quilting Squares Activated

Hi everyone-

I've just activated 2500 digital quilting squares, and they are available for members of ActionFx.com to download now. 50 quilting squares in each of 5o sets... these things are really cool if I say so myself!
Here's the breakdown:

* 2500 ActionFx Quilting Tiles
* 2500 pre-made Quilting Squares by Al Ward
* 50 sets, 50 Squares per set. 300 ppi
* Stitching Included
* Easily piece them together in a larger document
* Great for Backgrounds, Frames, Digital Quilts
* Commercial Use OK

NOTE: These are images, and not Photoshop Presets. They can be opened and used with any image editing software.

See examples of these on the main page, and members can find the link to the download page there as well:


This is just the beginning... the actions and papers are on their way. The addition of these items places the number of downloads on the site to OVER 109,000!

Kim, if you read this, hurry home! Hope you are having a great trip, my friend.

Have a great day!



Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Even More Updates This Week...

...Kim here, reporting 2 more updates and that I can barely keep up with Al, lol! First we have more Quilting Actions:

Next up is a Rough Weave Action:

Both of these updates have been activated and you can pick them up at ActionFx!

Al is working hard at keeping the ActionFX members with frequent great and unusual resources, so why not check out the membership options? Have a great night!


Monday, April 21, 2008

It's Monday...

My good friend Kim has been working to help me get this blog rolling and I think it looks just great! Thanks Kim... you are too good to me! She has also been doing a fantastic job getting these ads and updates out. She's a keeper!

A lot of different things in the works... I'm working on a new 'Photoshop for Right Brainers' book, have multiple training videos in production, a new e-zine for Digital Scrapbooking in the works, and a host of other projects... not the least of which is making new content for ActionFx. Members to the site: keep your requests rolling in, and if I have the time and ability I'll be happy to fulfill them.

I love the ad Kim posted yesterday, and I want to add an image to it. This gives a nice close-up of the stitching the new Quilting action (#6 in the set) creates on the final image (seen above).

Members to the site can download this action set right away here.

For those interested in using this in their work and who haven't joined the site, I have a few membership options available here.

Some of my site members have been working with this new set already. My friend Barb Dundas has posted an excellent description and example here. Check it out... and take a look at her Blog while you are at it.

More on the way... I'll start posting video here soon as well. Have a great day! ~Al~


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Site Updates

With the addition of the Quilting action and the other actions released over the past two weeks, did you know the total Photoshop Presets available to members is way over 106,500? Looking forward to seeing what the ActionFx members do with the new updates - upload your examples and layouts at the group sites:
Thanks for looking and have a great day!


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